Mini Check-In: Day 71 Alcohol-Free

Small update here. This is the 9th Saturday that I’ve woken up not hungover. It would be 10 Saturdays, but my very first day of non-drinking was a Saturday, the day right after going out and getting drunk with friends for my birthday. It feels like much less time than that, but also, it feels like it’s been forever since that first day, 71 days ago!

The weather today is gorgeous. A bit warm for September, but lovely nonetheless. The boyfriend and I woke up around 10:30, made a hearty breakfast of eggs, toast and potatoes, and then watched the movie “Whiplash” together. It’s really good!

I’m at home now, getting ready to go out and find myself some new clothes at the thrift store. I’m kind of a cheap ass when it comes to buying new clothes, and I’d rather do a very tiny part in helping the environment by buying used clothes. Just give ’em a good wash and they’re basically like new! I’m hoping to find at least a few good things for the winter coming up.

And tonight, we’re going out to a going-away party for a friend’s girlfriend; she’s moving to Luxembourg for 6 months to work as an Au Pair. We’ll be sending her off with a celebration at a local cider place; I’ll probably just grab a LaCroix to bring along. I won’t be out too late, either, as I’ve got to be awake around 6:30 in the morning tomorrow for a 32-mile bike tour that starts at 8:00am sharp in downtown – which, by the way, will be 100X better sans the hangover and fatigue. I’m actually quite looking forward to it. Wee!



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