Sprinting to 100 Days Alcohol Free

Day 100 alcohol free is coming up this Sunday(!!). It’s hard to believe I’ve made it this far. It truly feels like it  was only a few weeks ago that I woke up on Day 1, nerves torched, body aching and bloated, and emotions high, full of hope for a better shot at getting sober. Yet here I am, 97 days later. Still very new to the game, but far enough along that I’m beginning to get a feeling for how my life without booze is going to look.

From where I stand, it’s looking pretty good. Not the best, not horrible. Just pretty good. And pretty good now is way better than what I ever had when I was a drinker.

This past week has been kind of a whirlwind. I started my new work schedule, which means I’m working 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. That means tomorrow, I’m off, and I get a 3-day weekend out of it. Despite the longer haul during the 4 days at work, it feels absolutely worth it. I feel very lucky to be with a company that is happy to grant me schedule flexibility like that.

And of course, I’ve somehow managed to pack my free day full of things to do – a therapist appointment bright & early, renewing my vehicle registration, going to the dentist, and then a meditation group later in the evening. Somewhere in-between those things I’ll be doing homework, as well.

That’s alright, though. These days I can hardly stand the feeling of sitting idle. I like keeping my mind active and my schedule pleasantly full 🙂


Day 97


10 thoughts on “Sprinting to 100 Days Alcohol Free

  1. SoberRob says:

    Wow I love your positivity in this blog. 97 days is fantastic! 100 days on Sunday! WOW! I’m hopefully going to be there myself in the not too distant future! Your new schedule sounds fab! Time for you! Well done! x

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