Sober in Chicago

Yay, vacation! I’m heading to Chicago with the boyfriend tomorrow morning, for a long weekend away from work, which will be splendid. I’ve got today off, and will be gone through Tuesday afternoon, so I’m very much looking forward to just having some time to be away and relax. Five whole days! And during the World Series, too! What a treat.

Last time we visited Chicago together, we toured the Lagunitas brewery and had too much beer (duh). We went to the planetarium and the Museum of Contemporary Art. We also tried to visit Goose Island but it was closed, so we went to Revolution Brewing instead. We hung out at a fancy cocktail bar downtown, where we spent $12 for a small glass of who-knows-what, and we also listened to jazz at a club near the Trump (barf) tower. We buzzed around on the metro system. We watched a Vikings game at a bar that Sunday, where we each had 3 beers. One night, we went to Giordano’s for deep dish. We also had a bottle of wine and some beers back in our Airbnb.

This weekend, we’ll be taking a road trip out there, about 8 hours of driving, and will get into town just in time to check into our Airbnb before heading over to a local concert venue to see one of the boyfriend’s favorite bands. Sunday, we’ll wander around downtown, probably while stuffing our faces with the Chicago Mix from Garrett’s Popcorn, and hit up some of the local tourist attractions. We’ll definitely be finding a place to get some authentic, hole-in-the-wall deep dish pizza. Mmm. I can just taste it already, and it’s good.

Monday we’re heading to the Vikings vs. the Bears game. I’m excited to be able to go to such a high-rivalry game, on Halloween too. I’m sure there will be plenty of awesome and funny costumes around Soldier Field that night.

Tuesday, we’ll drive home, another 8 hours or so. Nothing much exciting there.

The one thing that’s not on the schedule for me, though?

Drinking. Yeah, I’ll be skipping that this time around.

Day 112. 

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