Mini Sober Check-In

It’s a cold day here in the upper Midwest. I’m sitting in my cozy new bedroom with a cup of hot coffee, in my new house, which I’m renting for a few hundred dollars a month, with two new people as roommates, a bustling neighborhood out my window, and the city at my doorstep.

I am so thankful – SO thankful – that my employer lets me take Fridays off in exchange for four, 10-hours days of work. The workdays aren’t unbearably long, and the spare weekend day often gives me the chance I need to stop, take a moment, and breathe for myself. The weeks tend to get bogged down with endless amounts of classwork, work-work, socializing and errand-running. Somehow I manage to fit the gym into all of that, but my routine isn’t usually very consistent. This past week, I woke up early once to do yoga at home and twice to go to the gym and run, because the early-morning hours seem to be the only time I can fit it in anymore.

I’ve had some recurring health problems over the past few months, as well, and they’ve been wearing me down. Perhaps TMI for some readers, but I’ve been having chronic candidiasis for almost a year, which I only realized was candidiasis in January, after having previously attributed my symptoms to a change in medications I was taking. After three visits to the Dr., two different tests, having my concerns written-off by the Dr., and taking three rounds of the same medication to treat this candidiasis without success, I finally found a Dr. who had the idea to run a test for a separate, less-common, but possibly offending bacteria in my system, which she suspected was contributing my problems.

And whaddaya know, she was right! After all this back and forth, I’m on a 7-day course of antibiotics that cost me $75, in addition to a 3-month course of meds to prevent the candidiasis from returning post-antibiotics. I hope to all that is good and holy that these medications help. I am frustrated, and tired. The medications are making me feel funny. I’m anticipating an unpleasant bill from my Dr., even with what my insurance will cover. I don’t really want to go back to get re-tested in 3 week.

But, I’m getting there. And despite all that, I’m still relatively healthy, and I’m sober. 8 months sober, in fact! Yesterday was the 8-month milestone for me and while I’m happy about it, it passed mostly without notice.

Still, I’m grateful to be sober. I know that drinking would make these health and stress problems 10x worse for me. There’s basically NO health condition that alcohol will make better, save for sanitizing open wounds or easing an inevitable death.

This weekend, I’m hosting a creative writing group, then spending the day on Sunday watching soccer and going to a concert in the evening. I’ll fit homework and maybe even some self-care in there somewhere, because even though it’s spring break, the work never really ends. Maybe someday soon I’ll get a real break  🙂

Peace and love, sober friends. ❤

5 thoughts on “Mini Sober Check-In

  1. shehidbehindtheglass says:

    Wow! Congrats on 8 months AND ON YOUR NEW PLACE!! (I’m guessing you had the talk?) I’m happy for you – it sounds like you’re finding peace and calm and happiness. That’s great that your employer is willing to flex your hours like that!

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