Happy Divorce-iversary to Me

Yesterday marked 4 years since my divorce was made official in the Denver courts. I was 25.

That day in 2014, I celebrated my newfound freedom by going out to the pizza place down the block from my house and getting drunk after a day of uninspiring work.

Yesterday, I spent the day at my clinical internship, came home for group supervision via video conference, and talked about Game of Thrones with my roommate over a simple dinner. I even gave myself some chocolate for dessert.

In four short years I’ve been radically transformed. I have a lot of love for that younger version of myself, lost as she was, and I have compassion for her as I watch her reaching for another drink.

Today I’m at home watching snow fall out of the windows facing the back patio. Guilty pleasure TV is on in the background. This life isn’t particularly brimming with excitement, but it’s wonderful in its simplicity and I am grateful for it.

❤ Em

6 thoughts on “Happy Divorce-iversary to Me

  1. David says:

    The longer one “trudges the road of happy destiny”, the more one realizes the nightmare that was the life left behind. And the part we, the alcoholics and druggies, played in the nightmare. I felt tremendous regret about my divorce(s), but I realize I eas the source of much of the dysfunctionality.

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