4 Years a Teetotaler

Well, hi there, folks.

It sure has been a long time, hasn’t it?

Apologies for that. As you can imagine, things have been a little…hectic.

And yet, here we are. Here I am.

4 years ago today I woke up with the plan to quit drinking “for a while.”

I’m thinking I’ll still stay quit from drinking “for a while” longer.

This blog may remain mostly quiet, as I continue to move into other areas of my life that require a bit more TLC and upkeep.

I’m moving cross-country to a rural town, getting married at some point (whenever it’s safe?) and trying to keep my wits about me as I move into this very different, very unfamiliar chapter of my life.

But hey, 4 years makes it easier. Not drinking every day makes it easier.

Here’s to 4 more.


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