I am here now, and I am OK

Winter makes me exceedingly tired. Not just physically, but mentally & emotionally. I am starting to become exhausted. Somehow, I’ve convinced myself in recent years that the remedy to this is to do more: work more, volunteer my time more, go to graduate school, travel often, etc. But so often, even as I’m able to … Continue reading I am here now, and I am OK

Day 88 Alcohol Free: #literallyme and other boozy meme-isms

I’ve slowly been coming to the somewhat sad and slightly aggravating realization that while my sobriety is incredibly important to me, my newfound attitude about alcohol doesn’t have any effect on anyone other than myself and those around me who also choose to abstain. Wine memes and Pumpkiny Booze Drink recipes and Instagram beer photos … Continue reading Day 88 Alcohol Free: #literallyme and other boozy meme-isms

F*ck Anxiety

Today is a weird Monday. I decided to bike into work, and 15 blocks from the office, my bike chain broke clean off, right as I was crossing a busy intersection. Luckily I had the right-of-way, and my city is really bike-friendly so I wasn’t in any real danger as I tip-toed my bike to … Continue reading F*ck Anxiety