Happy Anniversary to Me

Today is the anniversary of what would've been 5 years of marriage for me. I'm a little stunned by how wholly and powerfully my life has changed since then. I still celebrate this day in my own little way, like a quiet emotional nod and wink to my past self. It's like a recognition of … Continue reading Happy Anniversary to Me


Make Tiny Changes

Ever since Friday, I've been enveloped in this strange blanket of tender, complicated emotions. With my own bittersweet memories of pain and loss washing over me in waves, coupled with the tragic loss of a favorite musician to an all-too-predictable (and all-too-preventable) suicide, I've been taken over by some force of tragic optimism. I spent … Continue reading Make Tiny Changes

On Self-Care…

In this moment I am sitting on a comfy couch, hedgehog in my lap, as a dog barks anxiously outside my doors. I've rented an Airbnb up north for myself and my hedgie for the weekend--just the two of us--as a thank you and congratulations to myself for completing the first year of internships without … Continue reading On Self-Care…