Recovery, for me

For me, recovery goes beyond alcohol & substances. For me, recovery expands into the relationship i have with my body and my eating. Having had an eating disorder when I was in high school, the urge to skip back into unhealthy patterns and thought cycles is strong at times. For me, recovery is an active … Continue reading Recovery, for me

National Recovery Month — A Reason to Return

Today marks the beginning of National Recovery Month and I happen to be in a mental space that is just begging me to start writing down my thoughts before I explode. So... here I come back to this blog, after more than a year (?) of inconsistent writing. I can't make any promises, even though … Continue reading National Recovery Month — A Reason to Return

708 Days

Hi all. Here I am, day 708 of sobriety--1 year, 11 months, and 1 week since my last drink--and I am at ease. I'm just three short weeks from my two year anniversary and god, it all feels too normal and too surreal, all at the same time. I have so many thoughts about my … Continue reading 708 Days

Holiday Blear

Every year, Christmas feels a little less jolly to me than the last. I'm 100% not sure when or where that change started to happen - I'm thinking the initial decline began in 2014, the year my life blew up. 2013 was the first and last Christmas I'd ever have as married woman. My ex … Continue reading Holiday Blear