Grief, et. al.

One of the most unusual things is to allow yourself to sit with—and feel—your conflicting emotions. Right now, I am swimming in a pool of guilt, sadness, relief, and hope. One part of me contains my sadness, the other my guilt, and yet another holds my relief, and somewhere else my hope is resting quietly … Continue reading Grief, et. al.

Nothing Stays the Same

My boyfriend’s son came to town last week for a 9-day visit. They got to spend a lot of good time together, and I had the chance to tag along on several occasions. It was really fun to see them together, bonding, enjoying each other like father and son should.  His son flew back home on … Continue reading Nothing Stays the Same


I broke up with my boyfriend tonight. I've stayed sober and painfully present with myself all evening long. My back aches and I'm not sure where my heart is, but I feel—finally—that I've taken the step I needed to take. Even as I'm faced with all of the lost dreams that come with this next … Continue reading Single