I’m Dating Someone New, and He’s Sober

It's been a while. I am here, I am sober. I've started dating someone new, a guy "N" who has been attending my creative writing group for about 10 months now. He started showing up a few months after I started the group, and has only missed a few meetups here and there. This past … Continue reading I’m Dating Someone New, and He’s Sober

The Big Mistake

So, I messed up this week. I messed up big time. I didn't drink—no, I'm still dry as a bone. But, I messed up, and it's sent me into such a mindfunk that I've had a hard time processing how I feel or what to do next. How did I mess up? Well, there's this coworker … Continue reading The Big Mistake


I broke up with my boyfriend tonight. I've stayed sober and painfully present with myself all evening long. My back aches and I'm not sure where my heart is, but I feel—finally—that I've taken the step I needed to take. Even as I'm faced with all of the lost dreams that come with this next … Continue reading Single