Spring Thinking

It's a beautiful, 50-degree, sun-shiny spring day today—finally. I'm sitting at one of my favorite cafes, looking out at the 4-foot tall piles of snow on the street corners, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first 60-degree day this weekend. After what has felt like the longest winter in ages, the spring sun is a … Continue reading Spring Thinking

Focusing Outward in Long-Term Sobriety

This summer has been pleasantly rejuvenating for me, for the most part. Aside from my emotional breakdown in June after I broke up—and then got back together with—my boyfriend, I've had a really good chance to take a step back and focus on self-care following the semester from hell this past spring. Despite having my … Continue reading Focusing Outward in Long-Term Sobriety

192 Days Alcohol Free: On Vocation, Patience and Vulnerability

Still here, friends. Still with you. 192 days alcohol free. It’s amazing, really, how the days keep creeping upward, just as a green vine crawls forever toward the sun, twining around a steadfast wooden support that grows taller and mends its own splinters with every day that passes. Today I'm feeling a mixture of pensiveness, … Continue reading 192 Days Alcohol Free: On Vocation, Patience and Vulnerability