Coming Back to Me

So, a few things have been happening over here in the Okayish corner of the world. The First Big Thing is that a few weeks ago, I got a random email on a Sunday morning from my ex-husband, in which he wrote that he wished we could still talk, and that he is sorry. Yes. … Continue reading Coming Back to Me

2020: The Year of Staying In

Hi all. I'm here. Alive. Still sober. Currently surrounded by blankets and pillows, trying to warm myself up from the bones out as Minneapolis braces against this surprising cold snap. There is a lot that could be said about the past seven months since I last wrote on here in July. I'll start with this: … Continue reading 2020: The Year of Staying In

Sink or Swim

Recently, I was clearing out old emails from the address I used as a once-married woman. I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything important before starting the process of finally shutting that email down for good. In looking around, randomly re-reading and deleting old messages, I found this email (below) from my ex-husband, … Continue reading Sink or Swim


Yesterday I turned 29 years old. I had a wonderful birthday weekend, filled with friends and fun and love and delicious food and great music. I am full of gratitude. In a week, I'll be celebrating 2 full years of sustained sobriety. I don't know that it's fully registered with me, or if sobriety has … Continue reading Ready.