Day 78 Alcohol Free: Leaving

Traveling back to Denver has gotten me all worked up. This is the first time I've felt any persistent cravings for a drink in the past almost 80 days of sobriety. I'm not the best air traveler - I get nervous and jumpy, and have a hard time tolerating the turbulence that is typical of … Continue reading Day 78 Alcohol Free: Leaving

1-Year Sober Retrospective: “Temporary”

On July 19, 2015, I attempted my first-ever, honest-to-goodness quit. I lasted through the beginning of September. Had I stuck with it, I'd have over  a year by now. But I still had some lessons to learn in the time between then and now. The following is a blog post I wrote exactly one year … Continue reading 1-Year Sober Retrospective: “Temporary”