A Dancing Therapist

I dance in my office sometimes, with the window shades drawn, the door closed, and the music down low. I dance to electronic music with absurd lyrics, pop beats and ridiculous riffs. I dance in ways I wouldn't show to my friends or family, awfully silly and over-the-top, arms flailing and legs in the air. … Continue reading A Dancing Therapist

Coming Back to Me

So, a few things have been happening over here in the Okayish corner of the world. The First Big Thing is that a few weeks ago, I got a random email on a Sunday morning from my ex-husband, in which he wrote that he wished we could still talk, and that he is sorry. Yes. … Continue reading Coming Back to Me

I(‘m) quit(ting).

I'm quitting my job as a family therapist. Quitting, despite my fiancĂ© still having no job to speak of, after being furloughed since March (the job isn't coming back, is it?). Quitting, despite the comfortable salary, the health benefits, the paid mileage. Quitting, despite this gnawing fear that my family will end up with no … Continue reading I(‘m) quit(ting).

On Self-Care…

In this moment I am sitting on a comfy couch, hedgehog in my lap, as a dog barks anxiously outside my doors. I've rented an Airbnb up north for myself and my hedgie for the weekend--just the two of us--as a thank you and congratulations to myself for completing the first year of internships without … Continue reading On Self-Care…