I’ve noticed something about myself in recent months. Something that is so different about me, compared to how I was when I was a younger woman in high school and college. Different from when I got my first salaried job at 23, or when I became a wife at age 24. Different from when I […]

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What About Long-Term Sobriety?

It’s an interesting thing, this life I’m leading these days. This intentionally sober life, with intentionally sober surroundings. I’m now a long-term sober person (1.5 years and counting) working as a mental health therapist with clients who are trying with all their power to get and stay sober. I am dating a sober person, and […]

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Holiday Blear

Every year, Christmas feels a little less jolly to me than the last. I’m 100% not sure when or where that change started to happen – I’m thinking the initial decline began in 2014, the year my life blew up. 2013 was the first and last Christmas I’d ever have as married woman. My ex […]

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