Lonely but Not Alone

I feel depressed today. Hard to say exactly why, though I’m not really surprised. It’s cold and rainy here in the Midwest – so much for enjoying springtime – and the grey skies are just weighing me down further. I need sun. I need to be able to walk outside and get fresh air. Instead, […]

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290 Days Alcohol Free

So, tomorrow is day 290 alcohol free. Holy buckets. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself how good it feels, really, to be sober, because I’ve gotten to the point where I hardly notice it anymore; it doesn’t feel like I have to try. Even when I’m stressed. Even when I’m sad. Even when […]

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Day 264 Alcohol Free

Hi sober friends. I’m here! On day 264 of my sobriety. 3/4 of the way through my first year. woohoo. I want to say thank you to all who showed me support on my last post. I was in a vulnerable emotional state that had been following me around for a while. Something having to […]

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