708 Days

Hi all. Here I am, day 708 of sobriety--1 year, 11 months, and 1 week since my last drink--and I am at ease. I'm just three short weeks from my two year anniversary and god, it all feels too normal and too surreal, all at the same time. I have so many thoughts about my … Continue reading 708 Days


Yoga, Sobriety & Letting Go

I've been doing a lot of yoga lately. I started the practice last fall—shortly after my internship began—as a way to find some sort of "leveling force" for my life when things became a bit too chaotic or stressful. It was such a needed and welcome reprieve for me to walk into the dark yoga … Continue reading Yoga, Sobriety & Letting Go

On Self-Care…

In this moment I am sitting on a comfy couch, hedgehog in my lap, as a dog barks anxiously outside my doors. I've rented an Airbnb up north for myself and my hedgie for the weekend--just the two of us--as a thank you and congratulations to myself for completing the first year of internships without … Continue reading On Self-Care…