It Happened. Now It’s (Finally) Time to Heal.

TW: This post talks about relationship abuse  & sexual abuse, and contains some foul language. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about past relationships. Not just my most recent ended relationship, but my marriage, and a particularly abusive relationship that I endured for two years in college. But, mostly, I've been thinking about that abusive … Continue reading It Happened. Now It’s (Finally) Time to Heal.


Perfectionism makes me sick—literally

I’ve been sick with a garden variety of head colds, chest colds, and sinus infections since early January. Since Monday of last week, I’ve been battling fatigue and a pretty intense cough that sent me to the urgent care on Thursday. They x-rayed me, tapped my sinuses, listened to my lungs, and decided to give … Continue reading Perfectionism makes me sick—literally


I've noticed something about myself in recent months. Something that is so different about me, compared to how I was when I was a younger woman in high school and college. Different from when I got my first salaried job at 23, or when I became a wife at age 24. Different from when I … Continue reading Stronger