Day 130 Alcohol Free: Mini Check-In

So today is day 130 alcohol free. I also hit 100 followers on this blog today – woo! I am so glad to have each and everyone one of you with me on this journey, so thank you for being here.

It’s crazy how quickly these days have started to go by. We’re already halfway through November (seriously, what??) and 2017 is looming. I have to start thinking about Christmas presents and planning for next semester’s classes. Not to mention the creative writing group I’m organizing, the new friendships I’m cultivating, and keeping up with the ever-confusing, ever-continuing saga that is my love life.

I have to be honest, the last week or so, my mind has not been on drinking. It also hasn’t been on sobriety, either. I just haven’t been focusing on it, and it hasn’t been a problem. That’s a good thing, right? I mean, yes, in a way it is. It’s definitely a good thing that I’m not spending my time consumed by reading, writing and thinking about sobriety. It wasn’t hard for me to not drink. I’m thankful for that.

My mind has just been in every other place possible besides sobriety. Like my school work, the election, my friends, my relationship, my parents, social media, my job, the ache in my neck that won’t go away. Everything. Because of that, I feel like I’ve got the mind of a goldfish, darting from here to there, unable to make anything coherent out of a day, then wondering where all the hours went as I’m laying down in bed at midnight.

But, I’m sober. And that’s what matters. Life doesn’t magically become less hectic or confusing once the booze is out of the equation. It just means that you have to deal with it now.

Yeah, easier said than done. Oh well. Just gotta carry on.

5 thoughts on “Day 130 Alcohol Free: Mini Check-In

  1. hokkaido2016 says:

    Well done for 130 days! …Wow. I can’t even imagine how pleased I would be if I got to that. You must be feeling brand new 🙂 Glad you are thinking of all sorts and not about drink/sobriety. That sounds like real living to me! Enjoy it xxx

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